Our Process

Free Initial Consultation

Our free consultation is the perfect place to start when you just don’t know when or where to even start. Workplace conflict is chaotic and up-ends daily life. You shouldn’t have to pay to just get a general feel of potential legal options. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to gauge what your options are, how much it will cost to precisely execute a given legal strategy, and what the results of a victory would look like.

Whether you’re an employee or an employer, we'll take the time to actively listen, to provide education, and leave you with a few practical things to consider afterward. We’ll also be candid and straightforward about whether a paid strategy consultation is likely to be of value for you.

Go ahead. Feel us out for up to 30 minutes. On us.

Paid Strategy Consultation

This is the full, paid consultation. Actionable and tactical advice. We listen to your whole story (even the story behind the story as there sometimes is). We partner with you, collaborate to define success in your given situation, and meticulously discuss the risks and benefits to various strategies.

The consultation fee reflects the effort and skill that goes not only into the session itself, but in our work beforehand. After you schedule and pay for a consultation, we’ll follow up with you to prepare you so that you can truly get your money’s worth. Depending on your case and the practically of obtaining documents and other evidence, we’ll guide you in providing us the most valuable information. We’ll then analyze and evaluate the evidence before speaking to you. Clients aren’t strictly required to provide us anything, but any attorney’s services are often only as valuable as the information you provide. We want you to get more than your money’s worth and will help you efficiently prepare to do so.

This consultation is strictly confidential. We encourage you to share everything you’re comfortable with. Give us feedback. Ask a lot of us. Let us take some weight off your shoulders. It all starts getting better here.

For all of our paid services, we accept payment by credit card, check, or cash.

Fee Structures

For employees, nearly all of our plantiff engagements are based on a hybrid-fee model. This means a discounted, upfront flat fee combined with a substantially reduced contingency fee. Our approach involves whatever it takes, no matter how long, to find and execute the best strategy for you first. Not us.

On a case-by-cases basis, we are occasionally able to offer flat-fee only. Other instances can be better suited for capped hourly fees. Capped hourly fees are where the client agrees to an hourly rate, but where they will pay no more than a pre-determined limit. This reduces uncertainty and eliminates concerns of after-the-fact surprise billing. These two types of billing arrangements are typically best suited when the goal is not monetary. This can include getting an employer to cooperate and implement accomodations. It can behind-the-scenes, confidential advice for reporting and resolving workplace conflict, resolving unfair treatment that’s often disguised as unwarranted discipline, and to maximize the odds of you staying in and succeeding at your job. In some limited cases, we’re able to assist people in getting their jobs back if that’s their primary goal.

For employers, in some instances we’re able to offer a flat fee. In many others, we’re able to offer capped hourly fees. We also offer hourly fees for limited engagements such as mediation representation, resolution of internal conflicts, extremely complex and uncertain scenarios, or employer-ordered investigations. In all instances, we strive to do our best at evaluating and estimating the range of potential costs. The best legal defense does come at a cost. But when you consider that one wrong move could cost your business a fortune or disastrous operational disruption, it’s most often a very wise investment.

We Do Not Offer Purse Contingency-Only Representation

We feel clients deserve much better than a spin at the legal roulette wheel. We're not comfortable earning a living defined by low odds of success and high-volume, cookie-cutter, and bare bones strategies and service.

We caution all clients to think wisely about any firm offering “no fee service” by considering how little professional service one expect without paying a fee. Unfortunately, clients of no-fee attorneys are often disappointed to find they have much less control over the outcome of their situation.

From our years defending businesses, we’ve learned that over time, contingency-only attorneys have earned a reputation for creating loud nuisances with minimal to no evidence, but over-compensated with a barrage inflammatory allegations. It’s a reputation that becomes hard to shake. We've seen it over and over.

We quietly build our own reputation as a firm other attorneys are eager to do business with. Opposing parties are very often motivated to pick up the phone and begin negotiating because they know we're credible in our depiction of the facts, calm in demeanor, precisely calculated in financial demands, and willing to keep an open ear to their side of the story.

We know that legal action can be expensive. It’s a problem that’s existed for thousands of years. Our fees are always given upfront, always honest and transparent, and we always present the most cost-effective options likely to get you the results you want.

We always strive to maximize the return on investment for every client and we invest our own time and resources to see our clients succeed and move on enjoying life.