Year after year, the legal industry faces public outcry over poor client satisfaction and outrageous fees. The results of nationwide surveys never change: A lack of transparent, responsive communication is the number one complaint facing attorneys. A close second is unexpected, unjustified, or difficult to understand fees.

Clients are eager to be informed, to make confident legal decisions, and to take control. They are also sick of being talked down to and tired of the status quo. Nonetheless, legal advertising has droned on with the same sensational, attention-seeking messages. Advertisements worship all-out fighting, instead of listening, cost-effective precision execution of legal strategy, and overall client satisfaction. People know that big talking is never a substitute for consistent winning, nor is it the path to producing happy and satisfied clients. They also know that attorneys  have a self-interest in escalating or prolonging legal battles because it drives up fees, which are often mischaracterized as unavoidable.

We know that what doesn’t get fixed gets repeated.

Fixing the common pitfalls of the attorney-client relationship is a cornerstone of Vital Law. We offer a revitalized approach to serving clients. Call us unconventional, but we believe our success is measured by doing right by people and delivering what they want. That means we:

  • Listen - before giving advice
  • Empathize - so that we gain a full perspective and understanding of our clients' challenges and individual financial positions
  • Educate - so that clients are sophisticated consumers of level services are truly equipped to make the best decisions for themselves
  • Understand - before we act and before striving for the prize
  • Communicate with Precision - to give our clients' opinions and voices credibility, persuasion, and ultimate power.

Clients deserve a good return on their financial legal investment. At Vital Law, they are also entitled to much more. We give clients the power to take control, to have privacy and confidentiality in their decisions and outcomes, to always have our trusted ear, to receive vindication and redemption, and to trust that their attorney’s every move is aligned with what they’ve asked for. That's Our Vital Advantage.